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Crocodile farming

The Moreson Farm

Moreson farm was found in 1895. Trading under Dundee Dynamix, we are a well established company in the crocodile skin supply market and exporting skins to various European countries. The farm is located approx 11km South West of Mookgopong, Limpopo Province in the Waterberg district in South Africa. The farm comprises of 364ha.

Dundee Dynamix is also a member of the South African Crocodile farmers Association. We produce wet salted tanned skins in various colours as well as luxury leather products.

The Crocodiles

Dundee Dynamix has its own breeding stock. The breeding stock lives on the farm in areas designed to the image of its natural habitat. There are various dams with different dept with sunny and shady spots as well as sandy surfaces ideal and popular for egg deposition. The breeders are fed fresh meat.

The eggs are collected immediately after being laid and the number of eggs depends on the size of the female but normal clutches range from 30 - 45 eggs. They are laid together once a year in October or November. On the farm the eggs are removed and placed, for better control, in an incubator. When about to hatch, baby crocodiles make a high pitched call and then crack the shell with a temporary "egg-tooth" on the tip of the snout.

The temperature of incubation determines the sex of the crocodiles. Temperature between 26ºC and 30ºC produces mostly females and between 30ºC and 33ºC produces mostly males.

After an incubation period the hatchlings grow up in specially near-to-natural habitat designed hothouses for a period of 3-4 years before slaughtering.

The male attracts the female by making under water sounds and giving off a musky aroma. The male mounts the female and wraps his tail around hers. Mating occurs  under water.

Unlike some crocodiles, Nile crocodiles do not build nests but lay eggs in an excavation dug into the sand on the edge of a river or lake. The female guards the nest for the 3 months the eggs need to hatch. Due to the hatchlings susceptibility to stress, Dundee Dynamix attaches great importance to a peaceful environment.

Dundee Dynamix main purpose is the production of high quality Nile crocodile skins. Slaughtering and processing take place in separate strict health controlled abattoirs. To safeguard quality, all relevant data are collected, recorded and analysed.

The specially designed breeding dams

One of the specially designed breeding dams on the farm

Crocodiles up close, relaxing in the sun

Crocodiles from up close, relaxing in the sun

crocodiles 01
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